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On the Watertown Seal is a picture of an English Colonist and an Indian exchanging, as peace tokens,  bread for fish.  Captain Roger Clap landed at Nantasket Point in 1630 and rode up Charles River to Gerry's Landing with the first party of Watertown Colonists.
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Tree Warden
News and Updates

Arbor Day Activities - April 29, 2015

Tree Hearing - September 15, 2015

NSTAR Pruning
              NSTAR Vegetation Management Standards

   Winter 2014:  
                     NSTAR 2014 Pruning Maps (11 maps - takes a moment to open)
                     NSTAR 2014 Pruning Street List
                     NSTAR Permit
                     NSTAR Tech Permit

Christopher J. Hayward, MCA Tree Warden

149 Main St.
Watertown, MA 02472

Ph: (617) 972-6426
Fx: (617) 972-6484
Resources & Information

 Archived Information:


Photos of Tree and Wires Situations
Poplar St tree grows over wire_thumb.JPG   Leader section from Town of Sudbury_thumb.JPG

Hardy Avenue Electrical Fire:
Hardy Ave electrical fire.jpg