Protecting & Enhancing Open Space

Where is Watertown's Open Space?

Watertown has beautiful open space along the Charles River, in the reservation owned and managed by the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation (Division of Urban Parks and Recreation). We also have the multi-use Arsenal Park, Filippello Park, 10 playgrounds throughout Watertown, and the Whitney Hill Conservation Area.

Open Space Plan for Watertown

Adopted 2015 Watertown Open Space and Recreation Plan (PDF).

Protecting open spaces

Statement of Purpose

The primary purpose of this plan is to identify Watertown's open space and recreational resources and produce a consistent policy for Town agencies to ensure that these resources are not lost due to the pressures of development or uncoordinated individual actions. This plan aims to facilitate a consistent policy regarding development and preservation of public and private properties as they collectively comprise Watertown's open space and recreational system.