Cultural Council


The Cultural Council meets as needed.


NameTitleStart DateEnd Date
Aramais AndonianMember06/27/201905/15/2022
Karen BrodyMember06/27/202105/15/2024
Emma ClementMember09/14/201705/15/2023
Barbara EpsteinMember06/27/202105/15/2024
Monica FairbairnMember06/27/202105/15/2024
Nick HaddadMember06/27/202105/15/2024
Sheri KennedyTreasurer06/27/201705/15/2023
Elizabeth KentMember06/12/201905/15/2022
Gretchen NeeleySecretary06/27/201705/15/2023
Roberta RosenbergChair06/12/201905/15/2022
Linda Saladin-AdamsMember06/27/202105/15/2024
Quita Atchley SchillhammerMember06/27/202105/15/2024
Sally YoungMember06/27/202105/15/2024

Watertown Cultural Council Web Site

2021 Cultural Council Grants Timeline and Information


The Cultural Council exists to promote the Arts in Watertown by distributing state-allotted money to approved artists / artistic organizations each year. Duties of council members include review and discussion of grant applications once a year, administration of funds, record and bookkeeping, and on-going communication with the Massachusetts Cultural Council. Candidates should have an interest in promoting cultural enrichment. Four current members wish to serve another term.