The Many Great Figures of American History

Arlington Street Cemetery Burying place of early settlers.jpg
Coolidge Family Graves Arlington Street Cemetery
Mount Auburn Cemetery Buildings
Story Chapel at Mount Auburn Cemetery 1831

Graves in Watertown

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Supreme Court Justices

  • Benjamin Curtis 
  • Felix Frankfurter 
  • Horace Gray 
  • Julia Ward Howe

  • Joseph Story 
  • Authors Oliver 
  • Wendell Holmes
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  • Charles Gibson (of the Gibson Girls) 
  • Horatio Greenough

  • Winslow Homer
  • Harriet Hosmet
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  • George Angell (founder of the MAPCA) 
  • Edwin Land (inventor of the Polaroid Camera)

  • Isabella Stewart Gardner (of the museum) 
  • Asa Gray (botanist)
Auburn Cemetery


  • Charles Bullfinch (US Capitol) 
  • R. Buckminster Fuller
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  • Amy Lowell 
  • James Russell Lowell 
  • Longfellow
Auburn Cemetery 3.jpg

Harvard Presidents

  • Charles W. Eliot 
  • Abbot Lowell