Mount Auburn Cemetery

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National Landmark

Historical Society of Watertown

  • Our mission is to explore and to excite a general interest in the study of all historical events, subjects, and questions that connect people with any portion of the large territory that were originally included under the municipal title of Watertown
  • To obtain biographical sketches of all individuals ever resident therein who have enacted a prominent part in its local affairs, or whose family names have become distinguished in State or National history
  • To obtain historical knowledge, as well as preserve and make it known
  • To maintain a society building with a museum, art gallery, and library at:
    Edmund Fowle House
    28 Marshall St.
    Watertown, MA 02472

For more information call Mount Auburn Cemetery at (617) 547-7105.

National Landmark 2
National Landmark Auburn
Photo Taken at Mount Auburn Cemetery by John Harrison
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