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Tax Rate History

A history of Fiscal Year tax rates in Watertown beginning with Fiscal Year 1955 to the present.
Tax Rate History (PDF)

Personal Property Tax Information

In general, all tangible business / personal property situated in Massachusetts is taxable unless expressly exempt. The tax is levied on the value (cost new less depreciation) of machinery, equipment and tools, inventory (stock and trade), furniture, and fixtures.

Frequently Asked Personal Property Questions (PDF)

FY2022 - Form of List (PDF)

Residential Property Sales in Watertown

Fiscal 2021 property assessments are based on an analysis of calendar 2019 property sales as well as a review of sales that occurred during the first six months of calendar 2020.

Property Tax Deferral Instructions and Application

You may be eligible to defer payment of all or a portion of the taxes assessed on property you own and occupy as your domicile if you meet certain age, ownership, residency, and income qualifications, and enter into a tax deferral agreement with the Board of Assessors.
Property Tax Deferral Instructions (PDF) - Tax Deferral Application (PDF)

Exemptions Pamphlet

As used in the context of real estate taxes, an exemption is a release from the obligation to pay all or portion of the taxes assessed on a parcel of property. An Exemption Application must be filed with the Assessor each year within three months of the mailing date of the actual tax bill.

Exemptions Pamphlet (PDF)

The Circuit Breaker Credit

The Circuit Breaker Credit provides for a Massachusetts State Income Tax Credit for persons 65 and older under certain circumstances. For more information, visit:

The Circuit Breaker Information

Exemptions Applications & Forms

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