Business Relocation

Relocation Information

If you are planning to locate your business in Watertown, MA, you need to check in with the following:

  • Town Clerk– Ph: (617) 972-6486
    • To file a Business Certificate, come to Town Clerks Office in Person.
  • Planning Department– Ph: (617) 972-6417
    • To obtain a copy of the Watertown Zoning Ordinance and read the sections applicable to your business. The Planning Department will assist you with interpretations and review of your plan with the Zoning Enforcement Officer to determine compliance
  • Building Department– Ph: (617) 972-6480
    • To determine what building permits are needed
    • To obtain an occupancy permit
    • To file an application for a sign permit
    • To learn what permits and/or inspections are necessary to satisfy plumbing, wiring, and fire safety codes
  • Health Department– Ph: (617) 972-6446
    • To determine what health permits may be necessary for your particular business
  • Department of Public Works– Ph: (617) 972-6420
  • Police Department’sCrime Prevention Office – Ph: (617) 972-6500
    • To complete a business listing questionnaire and receive any other information you may need concerning traffic, parking, security, etc.