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Watertown Conservation Commission

Lower Hearing Room

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


(Adopted May 6, 2009)


Conservation Commission Members Present: Pallotta McDermott, Martin, Rose, Taverna, Fairbairn, Bering


Staff Present: Hayward, Collins


Members of the Public Present:  See Sign-In Form



1.                  Public Hearing ? NOI ? 425 Charles River Road, for replacement of an exiting marine railway built in 1957 with a new pre-fab railway system constructed and installed by Cradall Drylock Corp. at the Watertown Yacht Club, applicant, DCR, owner.


Ralph Levy, project manager for the Yacht Club, reported that the project will be replacing a 1957 dock.  The benefit of a replacement outweighs the maintenance efforts and costs. He informed that the dock will be built off site and welded on site. He indicted that the new dock will be placed at the same location as the previous dock with a crane.  He explained that any material taken out of the river will be placed at the end of the yard instead of removing off-site.


Pallotta McDermott said that any river sediments would have to be removed.  Levy responded that a licensed hauler like Clean Harbors would be contracted to remove the sediment to a licensed location.  He would identify the contractor and the location 2 weeks before the begin date of the project. He noted that the project timeline is limited to 90 days in the summer before the boats are hauled out of the water.


Pallotta McDermott inquired where the painting would take place.  David Henneberry, 67 Franklin Street, responded that all painting will be done off site before installation. Pallotta McDermott responded that it wasn?t clear from the application.


Levy noted that welding will be done off-site, except for any welding needed for the brackets. 


Pallotta McDermott inquired if any rust removal would be done. Levy responded that it would be done off site. 


Rose requested that the 24? drain pipe closest to the site be camera inspected before and after the project for the Yacht Club?s protection.


Martin inquired about mitigation measures for truck drips and the stockpile location.  He requested that hay bales be indicated on the plans.  Levy noted that the material would be stockpiled in the area beside the winch house outside the 50? no disturb area.  Martin wants to see the curtain length to extend to the bottom of the river to insure any disturbance materials stay within the work area.  Levy concurs.


Pallotta McDermott requested update drawings and clarification of work to be done in the parking lot.


Hayward informed that he had discussed with the applicant that he wanted the work done in the parking lot and that debris materials be dealt with appropriately.  Pallotta McDermott requested more detail information with a map about how debris would be handled.  Levy responded that he would get quotes and work descriptions.


Rose suggested a separate plan be submitted with information on the amount of debris in cubic yards, type of testing and remediation, and information on the turbidity curtain. She was flexible about the length of the turbidity curtain ? 1? from bottom or to the bottom.


David Larson, Yacht Club Commodore, stated that the dredging would be done by a Yacht Club member who is a licensed contractor, not Crandall.


Bering was not sure that the hay bales were sufficient. 

Levy noted that he was not knowledgeable about handling dewatered materials.  Rose requested a material handling and removal plan.  Pallotta McDermott suggested that the applicant work out the details with Hayward.  Martin noted that he was not as concerned about the materials as he was about the handling of the materials.  Pallotta McDermott suggested a Continuance to address concerns about the handling of the sediments.


Bering requested assurances for the dewatering and containment of debris.  Levy reported that MEPA and DCR were satisfied with the proposed project.  In fact, he noted, DEP gave guidance.  He reported that he was in the process to file a Chapter 91.


Pallotta McDermott requested an updated drawing.


Vote:  Rose moved to continue the Public Hearing to the May 6th hearing.  Taverna seconded the motion.  The motion was unanimously approved.


2.                  Public Hearing ? NOI - 140 Pleasant Street, proposed demolition of an auto shop and home, continuation and repair of retaining wall, site grading and construction of 48 unit apartment building, work proposed in the 200 foot Riverfront Area to the Charles River and the 150 foot Watertown Wetlands Ordinance buffer zone, Claudio Coppola, owner; Cresset Development, applicant.


Peter Gammie, representative of the applicant, requested in writing a continuance. 


Vote:  Martin moved to continue the item to the May 6, 2009 meeting.  Taverna seconded the motion. The motion was unanimously approved.


3.                  Request for Extension-Order of Conditions- 20 Seyon Street, DEP321-0122, WWO-06-01


Brian McCarthy, RJ O?Connell, representative for the applicant, reported that the OOC expires August 2009.  He informed that the demolition permits in Waltham were held up.  However, the project is ready to proceed.  He stated that the project is the same as in the OOC. He expected to receive their permit from Waltham in June and contractors to be selected in summer.


Vote:  Bering moved to extend the OOC for 20 Seyon Street for three years.  Taverna seconded the motion. The motion was unanimously approved.


4.                  March Minutes ? approved.


5.                  Old Business



Update status

Whitney Hill Report

Hayward to write the Manager requesting that the property be delineated. A delineation was conducted in 1974 by the School Committee.

Recycling Center/Filippello Park

Item tabled until August.

Storm water Management Standards

CC awaiting Council update on Storm Water Advisory Committee.

Rules and Regulations

Meeting on 4/15/09 at 7pm to review Hammett?s updates.

Rivers Protection Act

Hayward to update the RPA areas on the Town?s GIS map.


No update.

EOEA Grant

Bering to continue investigation into EOEA grant process.


Agent?s Report


Hayward informed that an NOI for Nonantum Road Improvements was scheduled for the May 6th CC meeting. He stated that 2000 linear feet will be impacted.  Hayward reported that the project is funded with economic stimulus funding.  He noted that LEC was the applicant?s representative.  He suggested an April 15 at 5:30pm site visit be scheduled to walk the project. Members are to meet at Water Street and Nonantum Road.


Hayward reported that Dan Driscoll requested to plant low shrubs and hydro seed behind the rip-rap at Watertown Landing.  CC had no objection.


Hayward reported that Pallotta McDermott and he attended a DEP Enforcement meeting on the Wetlands Protection Act.


Hayward said that Pallotta McDermott and he conducted a needs assessment at Arsenal Park to consider possible projects to be funded ($12,000).  They identified pruning trees and using the Town?s landscape contractor.  Rose noted that the pavement is in bad condition.  CC were asked to submit ideas.


Rose inquired about the status of the Pleasant Street Improvement project.  Magoon responded the project was to begin soon.


Meeting adjourned at 9:10pm.