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of the

Watertown Historical Commission

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Council Chambers


Adopted July 9th, 2009


Historical Commission Members Present:  Russo, Jones, Roach, Melone, Steele, Loukas, Berg


Staff Present:  Hayward, Collins


 Public Present:  See attached Sign-In Form


Russo chaired.  The meeting opened at 7:00p.m.


1.                  Public Hearing ?30 Westland Road - Demolition Permit to demolish a single family residential building to be replaced by a single-family residence.  Victor Preston, applicant/owner


Victor Preston and Susan Cooke presented their proposal to demolish the present structure and replace it with a similar size home.  Preston described the proposed structure as a modular house, designed with changes specified by the owners and in keeping with the local building codes.


Jones was supportive of the scale of the proposed house.  Melone noted that the massing of the proposed project didn?t change much from the existing one.


Russo expressed appreciation for the applicant?s research on the property. He concurred that there were no significant architectural or historic persons associated with the property.


Steele commented that the proposed demolition and replacement would not be a detriment to the neighborhood.


Vote: Berg moved that 30 Westland Road was not preferably preserved.  Melone seconded the motion. The motion was unanimously approved.


2.                  April Minutes ? Approved.


3.         Barns and Outbuildings Inventory


Russo encouraged members to continue photographing, and to follow up with dates.  Russo offered to provide assistance in researching dates by checking maps and records.


4.         Shick House


Russo reported that he will meet Bill Barry to discuss the site.  He informed that Mt. Auburn is interested in buying the Aggregate site to be used as a parking lot for the Mt. Auburn Hospital employees.  The HC recommendation for the Schick House and property is to be developed as a residential development or a business park.  Another suggestion was the exchange for free rent for repairs.


5.                  341 Mount Auburn ? Invitation to Comment


Russo reported that he spoke with a representative of the Brigham House about the antenna proposal.  Russo will write a letter in response to the Invitation to Comment that the HC does not like the panels proposed.  It was noted that EBI is responsible for removal and repair of the antenna.  Melone felt that the impact is less that the first recommendation.


Hayward informed that the Town is in the process of determining who is the eligible leasing party of the Brigham property since the Town owns the property.  Russo requested to be included in the discussions.


Meeting adjourned at 8:07pm.