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Watertown Conservation Commission

Lower Hearing Room

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Adopted September 9, 2009


Conservation Commission Members Present: Pallotta McDermott, Rose, Bering, Taverna, Martin, Fairbairn


Staff Present: Hayward


Members of the Public Present:  See Sign-In Form


1.                  June Minutes ? approved.


2.                  Old Business



Update status

Whitney Hill Report

No update on the property transfer request to TC.

Recycling Center/Filippello Park

Item tabled until August.  Pallotta McDermott reported her conversation with David Barnett about access for a recycling center on a temporary limited basis on Mt. Auburn cemetery property.  Pallotta will speak with him again after engineering plans are prepared.

Storm Water Management Standards

Storm Water Advisory Committee representatives: Hayward & Rose.

Rules and Regulations

Ongoing. See item below.

Rivers Protection Act

Hayward working with Assessor to update the RPA areas on the Town?s GIS map.


No update.  Health Department working on mosquito control at site in coordination with ACE. Health Dept. to provide a letter for the file describing mosquito control activities, an exempt project.

EOEA Grant

Bering to continue investigation into EOEA grant process.

Sawins Pond

Rose to report the results of her discussion about Sawins Pond with Circuit Rider at the next meeting.


Hayward to update on the site waste clean-up.


3.         Rules and Regulations Working Session


Nancy Hammett, consultant, presented ongoing issues for discussion regarding the update of the Watertown Rules and Regulations.  Discussions were to insure that the updated Rules and Regulations are clear and in agreement with the adopted WWO.  


Follow-up Action: Hammett will incorporate the agreed changes discussed from the meeting, revising Section 1 and 3, and updating Section 4.  Hammett will incorporate Fairbairn?s Section 2 revisions already submitted.  Individually, the CC will review Section 2.  Any changes are to be submitted to Hayward by e-mail no later than August 13th to forward to Hammett. Hayward will follow-up with a meeting with Hammett.  Hammett will prepare and issue the updated draft to the CC for the September 9th meeting.


4.         Agent Report


Hayward informed that the DPW plans to mill and resurface Arlington and Elm Street, bordering Sawins/Williams Pond, which will require a NOI. Hayward indicated that the project is considered a limited project since it is not a full street reconstruction. Hayward reported that if Mee files the NOI by the deadlines an August meeting will have to be scheduled.  Pallotta suggested that it be postponed to September.  Hayward will contact the DEP?s Circuit Rider to determine if a RDA is sufficient. 


Hayward reported that Pallotta McDermott and he surveyed Pleasant Street to identify locations for tree plantings.


Meeting adjourned at 10:30pm.