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Watertown Conservation Commission

Lower Hearing Room

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Adopted June 3, 2009


Conservation Commission Members Present: Pallotta McDermott, Martin, Rose, Fairbairn, Bering


Staff Present: Hayward, Collins


Members of the Public Present:  See Sign-In Form


1.                  Public Hearing Continuance? NOI - 140 Pleasant Street, proposed demolition of an auto shop and home, continuation and repair of retaining wall, site grading and construction of 48 unit apartment building, work proposed in the 200 foot Riverfront Area to the Charles River and the 150 foot Watertown Wetlands Ordinance buffer zone, Claudio Coppola, owner; Cresset Development, applicant.


The applicant requested a continuance to the June 3, 2009 meeting. 


Vote:  Bering moved to continue the item to the June 3, 2009 meeting. Martin seconded the motion. The motion was unanimously approved.



2.                  Public Hearing ? NOI ? 425 Charles River Road, for replacement of an exiting marine railway built in 1957 with a new pre-fab railway system constructed and installed by Cradall Drylock Corp. at the Watertown Yacht Club, applicant, DCR, owner.


Ralph Levy, project manager for the Yacht Club, reported that the silt will go into a dewartering container.  He noted that the silt does not need to be tested and that they will contact Hayward in advance as to where the silt will go.


Levy informed that DPW does not have cameras to investigate the outfall pipe before and after the project is completed.  But DPW will provide a steel plate to place over the outfall area during the project construction.


Levy clarified that they will be using ?waddles? not cori logs for erosion control.  They will be using hay bales or hay logs, depending on their price.


Levy said that the site will be cleaned each night.


Hayward reported that he spoke to Nancy White at DEP and that she indicated that the project met all DEP standards.  He did note that the project would have to be reviewed by DEP if the boat launch was expanded from proposed.  Hayward informed that Jay Pelletier needs to be called the day before the project begins to determine the weight over the outfall to protect it.  DEP was concerned about the project impact on the herring run.  However, the timing of the project will not impact it.

Martin clarified that the hay bales do not need to run the length of the stream.


Pallotta McDermott inquired why no sampling was needed by DEP.  Hayward responded that Heidi Davis of DEP indicated that if the material removed was less that 100 cubic yards no sampling was required.


Rose suggested that all site contractors get the construction plans.


Vote:  Martin moved to close the Public Hearing. Bering seconded the motion.  The motion was unanimously approved.


3.                  DCR Vegetation Management Plan Update ? 321-0131/WWO-07-12 ? Richard Scott, District Park Manager


Richard Scott reported that knot weed was removed from the area.  Mowing occurs every 14-21 days and the schedule was posted on the website.  During the previous year graffiti removal, trash removal, mowing and pruning were undertaken.  Scott informed that the DCR worked with Charles River Conservancy and Friends of the Waterfront in volunteer improvement efforts.  At 354 Charles River Road a guard rail was removed and that efforts in that area would be undertaken as the steps were hazardous.  He also commented that the SCA-AmeriCorps would be sending a crew of four to work on special projects- Charles River Road between the Yacht Club and Greenough Blvd. was selected as their special project.  Scott reported that the Founders Monument was completed and a dedication was scheduled for June. He noted that the monument was vandalized with used motor oil and that Daedalus, Inc. repaired the damage.   He commented that the Park Serve Day was a success.  He explained that the Watertown Pool will be managed by another DCR district. 


4.                  Public Hearing ? NOI- 175 North Beacon Street, 321-0138/WWO-09-05 for the installation of a new storm water management system for the new building and parking area which will be route drained into an existing pond on the Perkins School campus.  Perkins School, owner.


Stephen Garvin, Samiotes Consultant and applicant representative, submitted abutters list green cards.  Pallotta McDermott raised concerns about this proposal since there is an existing OOC for the pond improvement.


Garvin responded that he was seeking CC guidance on how to reconfigure, treat and utilize the site to handle water drainage resulting from a proposal by Perkins School to add a building, and parking lot.


Garvin informed that they will propose a green roof and a site design that will decrease runoff by 10%.  He assured that no untreated flow will go into the resource area.  The pond will be used to handle volume only. He indicated that an Operation and Maintenance Plan will be developed.  He said that the outlet will be connected to the existing outlet.  He informed that Perkins sweeps its parking lot more often than required because of the population they serve.  Garvin commented that the infiltration devise will be located outside the courtyard area.


Hayward expressed appreciation over the storm water drainage proposal and that it answered all his concerns.    He recommended that they meet with Mee to review the project.


Rose inquired if there were any designs to channel runoff to the parking lot trees.  Pallotta McDermott expressed concern that any proposal be sensitive to the Perkins population.


Fairbairn questioned where the rain gardens were.  Garvin responded that there were none but they could be considered.  Fairbairn wanted to see more surface drainage and drainage to the trees.  Rose wanted to see more infiltration.  Garvin indicated that he had to remove 44% TSS from the parking lot.


Martin was satisfied with the water treatment plans.  However, he wanted to know the velocity of the water as it discharged into the pond.  Garvin reported that the pipe is flat and that efforts would be in place to slow the velocity.


Vote: Rose moved to close the Public Hearing. Martin seconded the motion.  The motion was unanimously approved.


5.                  Request for Certificate of Compliance ? 550 Arsenal Street (Target)321-0128/WWO-07-11


Pallotta McDermott requested that the trash receptacles be emptied daily in perpetuity, especially on the weekends.


Vote:  Rose moved to issue the Certificate of Compliance.  Martin seconded the motion.  The motion was unanimously approved.


6.                  Public Hearing ? NOI ? Nonantum Road Improvements, 321-0137/WWO-09-04 including the reduction of impervious area by eliminating one westbound lane and one eastbound lane, proposing native landscape plantings, improving storm water management and widening the existing multi-use path to 10?, Mass. Department of Conservation and Recreation, owner.


Rich Corsi, DCR Planner, reported that the 2002 Master Plan identified the following improvements to the Nonantum Road area: that the parkland area be increased, that pavement area be decreased, that the driving lanes be increased to 11? wide with a 3? shoulder to allow the road to be shared with bicycles.  The present plan will include a historic lighting, 6 to 8? planting strips for trees, and improvements to the storm water management.  Corsi reported that the project is expected to be advertised in early summer.  The project will be funded through Mass Highway for 6 million dollars.  Approximately 44,000 square feet of pavement will be removed from the entire project.  The project will improve safety. Presently, there are no shoulders or curbs on Nonantum Rd.  Corsi informed that all catch basins will be replaced and that bio infiltration systems will be installed. 


Martin inquired about the frequency of sweeping calculations.  Hayward informed that a revised copy was submitted to the CC Office, Hayward and Rose which included the calculations.


Rose requested details for the proposed catch basins. 


Corsi noted that the construction schedule is to begin in the Fall and be completed in 18 months.


Rose requested that a final updated plan be submitted to Hayward at half the size for the Watertown section.


Vote:  Bering moved to close the Public Hearing.  Martin seconded the motion.  The motion was unanimously approved.



7.                  April  Minutes ? approved.


8.                  Old Business



Update status

Whitney Hill Report

Hayward to write the Manager requesting that the property be delineated. No update on the property transfer request to TC.

Recycling Center/Filippello Park

Item tabled until August.

Storm water Management Standards

Council established Storm Water Advisory Committee. CC representatives: Hayward & Rose.

Rules and Regulations

Hayward to update revisions of 6/15/09.  Hammett to attend June meeting..

Rivers Protection Act

Hayward working with Assessor to update the RPA areas on the Town?s GIS map.


No update.

EOEA Grant

Bering to continue investigation into EOEA grant process.


9.         Agent?s Report


Hayward reported that the Watertown Landing Improvement Project is ongoing.  Poles have been removed.  Driscoll is to use additional funds for the planting of scrubs to limit access of people and geese to areas sensitive to erosion.


Hayward reported that in February he identified bottles of urine being dumped at Sawins Pond by UPS drivers. He contacted UPS to clean up the area.  He will send a letter next week if the area is not cleaned up.


Hayward reported that a resident requested that poison ivy be removed from Whitney Hill.



10.       OOC ? 425 Charles River Road, 321-0136/WWO-09-03


-Applicant to meet with DPW prior to commencement of work to insure adequate protection the 24? drainage pipe and outfall, if needed;


-Area must be swept daily during construction and as needed;


-Any change in project size, the Agent will be informed and a new NOI and meeting will be required;




-If more than 100 cubic yards of sediment is removed, testing will be required

18a, b, c, d, e, 22, 24, 26, 27, 31, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41a, 41b, 41f


11.       OOC ? Nonantum Road Improvements, 321-0137/WWO-09-04


-A set of construction documents shall be submitted to the CC office prior to commencement of work for the Watertown section at 50% size.


18a, b, c, d, e, 22, 23, 24, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41a, b, c, 42.



Meeting adjourned at 9:45pm.