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of the

Watertown Historical Commission

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Council Chambers


Adopted November 12, 2009


Historical Commission Members Present:  Russo, Jones, Melone, Steele, Loukas, Berg, Roach


Staff Present:  Hayward, Collins


 Public Present:  See attached Sign-In Form


Russo chaired.  The meeting opened at 7:00p.m.


1.      Invitation to Comment ? 111 Mt. Auburn Street - Proposed Telecommunications Facility Installation


Steele felt that the information provided regarding the project lacked detail about the materials being proposed, in particular the fiber glass sheathing materials for the proposed panels.   


The WHC agreed to continue the item to its next meeting (November 11, 2009) pending submission of detailed information regarding the proposed panel and the fiberglass sheathing material and an elevation drawing of the proposed antennas mounted to the guardrail at the base of the steeple.  Without further information, the WHC is unable to ascertain how the proposed project will look installed and its potential effect on historic properties.


The WHC noted that the structure and its steeple are sited in a prominent location and are visible from multiple angles and vistas throughout the Town.  The WHC requested that their concerns be forwarded to the Watertown Historic District Commission and that they seek further information in their deliberations for the pending Certificate of Appropriateness.


2.      September Minutes ? Approved.


3.      Watertown Historic Landmark Ordinance ? Russo had no progress to report.


4.      Barns and Outbuildings Inventory


Melone asked where could he find more information about the exact building construction dates. Russo recommended the Library?s town tax records and panoramic maps of the Town.



5.    Boston Post Cane


Russo read a letter of appreciation from the most recent Boston Post Cane recipient?s family.  Joyce Kelly reported on the ceremony held for the Boston Post Cane recipient. 


There was discussion about the next recipient. Russo requested that the item be placed on the November agenda.


6.  Informational ? Donation of the original 1630 -1930 Watertown Historical Map by the family of Mary B. Hotz and supporting historic documents.


Loukas reported that Hagop Framing recommended that the map be matted on acid free paper, protected with uv glass and framed in an appropriate dark wood frame for $263. Hagop, who evaluated the appropriateness of using the Art Deco frame from Steele, felt that the frame was not the right period or size for the work.


Loukas reported that Hagop could frame the associated documents for approximately $120.  She informed that he could frame the map in three weeks.


Collins reported that the family of Mary Hotz donated additional first edition copies of the 1930 maps in two sizes.  There was discussion about HC products that could be sold:  the 1930 maps, historic plaques, HC posters and the 2005 map.


Collins noted that there were funds in the HC account to cover the cost of the framing.

Melone offered to contribute to the funding of the map.  Russo suggested that members contribute to the framing.


Vote:  Melone moved to approve the framing of the Hotz 1930 map as proposed for $263.  Steele seconded the motion.  The motion was unanimously approved.


           7.  Faire in the Square


It was reported that a number of historic plaque applications were distributed and that historic posters and maps were sold.  Collins reported that the proceeds from the sale of the 2005 maps were placed in the HC account. 


            8.   Schick Property


Melone and Steele reported that Joe Ferrera, Professor at MIT in Planning, is interested in using the area as a possible redevelopment case study for a program course.  Melone will meet with Collins to assemble maps and zoning informational materials on the site.  Melone, Steele and Jones formed a subcommittee to spearhead this project.


      9.   Watertown?s Natural Landscape: an Introductory Atlas


Roach provided a copy of her completed report to the HC.  She will be having a book signing at the Library. 


      10.   Tour of the Administration Building


Kelly reported that the HSW will be conducting a tour to the Town Hall as part of the HSW.  Roach, Russo and Kelly will be participating.