Who’s on the 2020 Charter Review Committee?

Watertown’s current Charter calls for a 15 member CRC comprised of the Council President, all eight councilors and six residents (selected by the Council President)

Watertown Charter Review Committee 2020:


Council Members

Town Council President, Mark Sideris           

Angeline Kounelis, Councilor District A                  

Lisa Feltner Councilor District B                  

Vincent Piccirilli Councilor District C           

Kenneth Woodland Councilor District D       

Caroline Bays Councilor-At-Large                 

Anthony Donato Councilor-At-Large             

John Gannon Councilor-At-Large                 

Anthony Palomba Councilor-At-Large          


Resident Members

            Marcia Ciro                                                     

            Anne Fitzpatrick                                             

            Jon Hecht                                                        

            Leo Martin                                                      

            James Mello                                                    

            William Oates                                                 

Email the entire Charter Review Committee via crc@watertown-gov.ma 

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1. What is the Charter?
2. Where can I find a copy of the Charter?
3. Why is Watertown reviewing its Charter?
4. Why are we reviewing the Charter in 2021?
5. Why is Charter Review important?
6. What can (& can’t) be accomplished through changing the charter?
7. When does the Charter Review Committee meet?
8. How do I keep current with the Charter Review Process?
9. What information can I find on Watertown’s Charter Review website watertown-ma.gov/charter?
10. What is Watertown’s current form of Government?
11. Is Watertown a town or a city & does it matter?
12. Is Watertown going to change its official name from “The City known as the Town of Watertown” to just the City of Watertown?
13. Who decided who is on the Charter Review Committee?
14. How were the resident members of the Charter Review Committee chosen?
15. Who’s on the 2020 Charter Review Committee?
16. How can I contact the Charter Review Committee (CRC)?
17. Who approves changes recommended by the Charter Review Committee?
18. What is the timeline for Charter Review?
19. This sounds complicated; does Watertown have any help sorting this out?
20. Who should participate in Charter Review?
21. Why should I participate in the Charter Review?
22. How can I participate in Charter Review?
23. What are the main components of Watertown’s Charter?