How can I participate in Charter Review?

Every resident is encouraged to participate in Charter Review.
There are many ways to get involved:

  • Visit the CRC website ( to stay up to date
  • Attend and speak at CRC meetings via Zoom (links are found in the meeting agenda) on the first & third Tuesday of the month at 6pm. During COVID, these meetings are all held virtually through Zoom and can be accessed here
  • Watch CRC meetings on cable television
  • Catch up on CRC meetings that you may have missed by watching them online 
  • Vote in the CRC Poll 
  • Email your ideas/thoughts/experiences/questions/comments to the 
  • Attend resident civic group Watertown Forward’s Charter Chat Zoom meetings on Sundays following CRC meetings (please visit Watertown Forward’s website to learn more)
  • Connect with community groups already active in the Charter Review process
  • Discuss the Charter Review with friends and neighbors
  • Invite a Committee member to your social or civic group to discuss the review process
  • Involve young people by discussing the Charter Review in class and invite a Committee member to speak
  • Visit the CRC website ( for agendas, meeting minutes, links to videos of past meetings, participate in polls and/or submit questions or feedback.


  1. Think about your interactions with Watertown Government. What has been your experience with police, fire, other Town Hall services?
  2. Ask yourself why you like living in Watertown. What do you see happening around you that you like or dislike?
  3. What is your vision for the future of Watertown? How should Watertown measure success?
  4. How do you find out about government decisions and policies, such as the yearly budget? What would be the best way to communicate these things to you?
  5. How do you know that your Town Councilor or the Town Manager is doing a good job?

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1. What is the Charter?
2. Where can I find a copy of the Charter?
3. Why is Watertown reviewing its Charter?
4. Why are we reviewing the Charter in 2021?
5. Why is Charter Review important?
6. What can (& can’t) be accomplished through changing the charter?
7. When does the Charter Review Committee meet?
8. How do I keep current with the Charter Review Process?
9. What information can I find on Watertown’s Charter Review website
10. What is Watertown’s current form of Government?
11. Is Watertown a town or a city & does it matter?
12. Is Watertown going to change its official name from “The City known as the Town of Watertown” to just the City of Watertown?
13. Who decided who is on the Charter Review Committee?
14. How were the resident members of the Charter Review Committee chosen?
15. Who’s on the 2020 Charter Review Committee?
16. How can I contact the Charter Review Committee (CRC)?
17. Who approves changes recommended by the Charter Review Committee?
18. What is the timeline for Charter Review?
19. This sounds complicated; does Watertown have any help sorting this out?
20. Who should participate in Charter Review?
21. Why should I participate in the Charter Review?
22. How can I participate in Charter Review?
23. What are the main components of Watertown’s Charter?