What are the main components of Watertown’s Charter?

Watertown’s Charter is divided into nine sections, or articles.

Article 1: Defines the type of government and its scope of powers
Article 2: Defines the composition and general powers of the Town Council (Legislature)
Article 3: Defines the role and powers of the Town Manager (Administration)
Article 4: Defines other elected officials besides the Town Council. In Watertown, this is the School Committee and the Library Trustees.
Article 5: Financial Management: Defines how the budget is created and approved.
Article 6: Describes how the administration is organized and rules for reorganization by the Town Manager.
Article 7: Elections: Defines how elections are run, eligibility; also defines citizen’s initiatives
Article 8: General Provisions: Describes charter changes, rules and regs, ordinances, meetings, etc.
 Article 9: Transitional Provisions: Describes transfer of powers if necessary when changes are made to the charter. 


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