Stormwater Advisory Committee


The Stormwater Advisory Committee acts as an advisory body to the Superintendent of Public Works. The Committee will:

  • Develop educational programs and materials to increase public awareness of stormwater management.
  • Identify and advocate for stormwater funding through grants and other sources.
  • Review and make recommendations on stormwater ordinances and related regulations.
  • Perform any other tasks relevant to assisting the Superintendent of Public Works with the implementation of best practices for stormwater management.

The Committee shall also make periodic progress reports to the Town Council.


Unless otherwise noted in the Town Calendar, the Stormwater Advisory Committee meets from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. on the third Thursday of every month at the Department of Public Works Conference Room, 124 Orchard Street, Watertown. The public is welcome and encouraged to attend meetings.

SAC Meeting Agendas (PDF)
SAC Meeting Minutes (PDF)

Ordinances and Regulations

1. Ordinance O-2011-23, Prohibition of Illicit Discharges
(A PDF of this ordinance is also posted on the DPW website.)

2. Ordinance O-2016-7, Stormwater Management and Erosion Control (PDF)
 (A PDF of this ordinance will also be posted on the DPW website.)

3. Town of Watertown Rules and Regulations for Stormwater Management
    and Erosion Control (PDF)

(These rules and regulations are also posted on the DPW website.)

Members and Corresponding Terms

The Committee is comprised of seven (7) Members, outlined as follows:
Four (4) shall be citizens at-large
     Three (3) shall be appointed by the Town Manager and confirmed by the Town Council
     One (1) shall be appointed by the Town Council President
Three (3) members shall be Town of Watertown employees

Two of the four citizen members shall have professional experience related to stormwater management. All citizen members shall be appointed to serve (or complete) a Two-Year Term.

Residential Members

1. Janet Buck
212 Boylston Street

2. David Jay
360 Charles River Road

3. Vacant

4. Vacant

Town Employee Members

5. Steve Magoon
Director, Community Development & Planning

6. Laurel Schwab
Conservation Agent

7. Matt Shuman
Town Engineer, Dept. of Public Works

Watertown Stormwater Outfalls Map

Storm Drain Outfall Map

What street do you live on? This map of Watertown's Stormwater Outfalls (PDF) will show you where the storm drains of your neighborhood empty into the Charles River.