Food Code Revisions 


2013 Food Code Update: Information for Retail Food Establishment Owners 

On September 12, 2018, the Massachusetts Department of Public Health amended 105 CMR 590.000: State Sanitary Code Chapter X: Minimum Sanitation Standards for Food Establishments to include sections of the 2013 FDA Food Code with amendments made by FDA in 2015.  The amendments were published in the Massachusetts Register on October 5, 2018 and became effective upon publication. All Retail Food Establishments in Massachusetts are required to make the necessary changes to be compliance with the new standards. The updates to the State Sanitary Code is going to alter the way that your Health Officers conduct their routine food establishment inspections. For this reason we strongly urge our Food Establishments to review all the helpful materials and information on this page, and always if you have any questions to reach out to your Establishments assigned Health Officer, or call the Watertown Health Department at (617) 972-6446. We look forward to working together to ensure a smooth transition to the new requirements.

*On July 1, 2019, the Watertown Health Department  will go live with inspections guided by the updated 2013 Food Code. It is expected that all establishments in the Town of Watertown are in FULL compliance of the 2013 Food Code update during routine inspections beginning on July 1, 2019.* 

Thank you to everyone who attended the Food Code Update Training hosted by the Watertown Health Department Environmental Team! If you were unable to attend the training or would like to review the information that was presented, please see below for a copy of the training presentation slides. 

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A Summary of all Major Changes to the Massachusetts Retail Food Code can be found HERE 

*Watertown Health Departments Notice to Retail Food Establishments can be found HERE*

See Below for informational videos related to the 2013 Food Code 

  •  An instructional video presented by Purrell on how to use Bodily Fluid Spill Kit can be found : HERE
  • This video created by The FDA highlights a Norovirus case that could have easily been prevented : HERE


  • The FDA 2013 Food Code can be found: HERE
  • 2015 FDA Food Code Supplement can be found: HERE
  • The Massachusetts State Sanitary Code 105 CMR 590.00 can be found: HERE
  • A copy of the prototype inspection report can be found: HERE
  • Added and changed Definitions to 105 CMR 590.000 can be found: HERE 
  • A list of Massachusetts Food Safety Exam Trainers can be found: HERE

Forms and Guidance Documents:

  • Food Employee Reporting Agreement can be found: HERE
  • CDC Poster " Can Restaurant Managers Talk with Sick Workers?3 Things Restaurant Managers Need To Know": HERE 
  • Vomit and Diarrheal Clean-up Written Procedures: HERE
  • Vomit and Diarrheal Spill Kit Requirements: HERE
  • Mechanical Dishwashing Requirements - Irreversible Registering Temperature Indicators: HERE

Helpful Food Safety Guidance Documents:

  • Time Temperature for Control Safety Food Date Marking Guidance: HERE
  • Summary of Duties of the "PIC" Person in Charge: HERE
  • Non-Continuous Cooking Guidance: HERE
  • Reduced Oxygen Packaging (ROP) Without a Variance: HERE
  • Refilling Returnables in Food Establishments Guidance: HERE
  • Wiping Clothes in Food Service Guidance: HERE
  • HACCP Plans: When and How: HERE