Environmental Health Services

The Environmental Health Program protects the health of residents and visitors in Watertown by maintaining a comprehensive program of environmental health services, which includes: inspections, compliance, and enforcement activities; environmental monitoring and prevention activities; and providing outreach/education about environmental health issues.

Inspections are conducted on a regular basis in accordance with state laws and local laws on the following: food establishments, swimming pools, tanning establishments, tobacco products retail establishments, and keeping of animal. Complaint investigations are conducted in response to complaints about: housing, lead paint determination, food establishments, swimming pools, and general nuisance (i.e. standing water, rodents, unsanitary properties creating nuisance conditions).

All applications for permits, regulations, fees, and other information can be located here. Individuals with questions can contact the Health Department by telephone or email. While drop-in visits may accomplish your purpose, advance appointments are encouraged to ensure that a Health Officer is available to meet with you.