Highway FAQs

Can I put another driveway on my lot?

All requests for driveway extensions, new driveways, etc. must be reviewed and approved by the Zoning Enforcement Officer in the Department of Community Development and Planning located at City Hall. Additionally, Stormwater Management and Street Opening permits may be required by DPW.

Can I have my planting strip paved over?

Per City policy, we no longer pave planting strips. Please see additional information on curbing, sidewalk, and border area information (PDF).

Can you install curbing in front of my house?

The City is unable to install curbing in front of individual houses. Curbing is only installed as part of roadway reconstruction projects. Private Owners may pull permits to construct their own curbing.

The irrigation lines and plants I added to the planting strip in front of my house has been damaged, who do I report this to?

The City is not responsible for repairing any damaged plants or irrigation lines added to the planting strips by residents. These grass borders are considered property of the City, and the City is not required to make any repairs when work requires the strips to be dug up. For additional information on maintaining your planting strip please see the Watertown’s Guide to the Planting Strip Brochure.

Who is responsible for Charles River Road, Greenough Boulevard, and Nonantum Road?

Charles River Road and Greenough Boulevard are maintained by the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR). DCR also maintains the section of North Beacon Street from Charles River Road to the Charles River and Arsenal Street from Greenough Boulevard to the Charles River.

I reported a damaged concrete sidewalk. Why did DPW fill in the cracks with asphalt?

We perform temporary repairs using asphalt. Damaged sidewalk panels are then put on a list and prioritized for permanent repair.

How do I report a pothole, damaged sidewalk, etc.?

Please complete a service request on our website.