Parks FAQs

What hours are City parks open?

Parks are open 8:00 am to dusk. If artificially lit park close at 10:00 pm.

When do water parks get turned on?

All water parks get turned on Memorial Day weekend and are turned off in the late fall weather permitting.

What time do water parks open?

The hours for the City’s water parks are as follows:

  • Arsenal Park closed
  • Filippello Park 9:15am - 6pm

Which fields are grass?

All fields in Watertown are natural grass fields except the Victory Field Complex on Orchard Street.

How often is grass cut at the City’s parks?

The City cuts the grass at all public parks once a week between the months of April and November.

When do playing fields open?

All playing fields in the City open for play in Mid-April (weather dependent) and close for the year on December 1st (weather dependent).

Who determines when fields should close due to inclement weather?

This decision is left to the discretion of the Parks Supervisor.

Are permits required to use grills to cook out at Arsenal or Filippello Parks?

Yes, a permit must be obtained to use grills at the public parks. Please call the Recreation Department at 617-972-6494 to obtain the necessary permit.

Who is responsible for servicing/fixing Playground Equipment?

The DPW Parks Division is responsible for servicing and fixing all playground equipment in the City. Please report issues on the SeeClickFix website or download the Watertown App and report via "Report Issues with the + button" on your smartphone to report any broken equipment as repairs are the department’s top priority.

Are there bathroom facilities in the Parks?

Yes, all City Parks either have buildings with public access to restrooms or Porta Johns available for use between April 15th and December 1st.