Conservation Commission


The Conservation Commission includes up to seven volunteer Commissioners appointed by the Town Manager, with approval by the Town Council, for three-year terms.


Meetings are open to members of the public, who are welcome to comment on business before the Commission and bring concerns to the Commission’s attention.

Agendas & Minutes

Agendas are available prior to the meetings.

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Minutes are available following approval.

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  • Administering the State’s Wetlands Protection Act (GL Ch 131 §40)
  • Administering and Enforcing the Watertown Wetlands Ordinance 2008 (PDF)
    -Rules and Regulations for the Administration of the Watertown Wetlands Ordinance, Adopted October 2010
  • Protecting the Town’s natural resources
  • Reviewing plans for activities, including new development and redevelopment, that may affect our wetlands
  • Imposing conditions to ensure that those activities do not cause erosion or pollution that would harm the waters or wetlands
  • Seeking opportunities to increase and improve open space in the Town
  • Managing open spaces (PDF) under its jurisdiction
  • Encouraging good management of the parklands along the Charles River
  • Participating in developing a new open space plan for Watertown every seven years
  • Submitting to the Town Manager, each year prior to December 31st, a recommended plan for maintenance and educational activities for Whitney Hill Park.  A copy of the report is  available in the link below.
  • Writing the Whitney Hill Annual Report

Relevant Projects

Greenough Boulevard Expansion Greenway Project


  • Leo G. Martin, Chair
    683 Main Street
    Term Expires: February 15, 2020
  • Charles C. Bering
    508 Belmont Street
    Term Expires: February 15, 2022
  • Maria P. Rose
    45 Edward Road
    Term Expires: February 15, 2020

  • Patrick W Fairbairn, Ph. D.
    20 Marcia Road
    Term Expires: February 15, 2022
  • Jamie O'Connell
    251 Common St.
    Term Expires: February 15, 2020