Holiday Messages

These messages are provided by The Idea Bank.

Holiday Gift Ideas

Looking for a holiday gift that shows you care? A smoke alarm is a terrific idea. Nine out of 10 home fire deaths occur at night when people are asleep. So, this holiday season, give your friends a present that protects and watches over them all year round, a smoke alarm.

Candle Care

Candles are a traditional and beautiful part of the holiday season. They are also a direct source of fire in your home, so be cautious with them. Use non-flammable holders, and position candles a safe distance from your Christmas tree and other holiday decorations. Children are always fascinated by candles, so place your candles safely out of their reach.

Christmas Tree Safety

It's the holiday season and time to find just the right Christmas tree. Look for one that's fresh and green. The needles should bend and not snap between your fingers. At home, find a cool spot for your tree, away from heater vents and the fireplace. A dry tree is a serious fire hazard, so water yours often. After the holidays, dispose of your tree safely at a recycling center or with your pick-up service.

A Fire-Safe Holiday

People gathering together is the real joy of the holiday season. Take a few moments to protect your friends and family from an unsuspected tragedy. Test the smoke alarms in your home to make sure they're working and be sure everyone in your home knows and practices your home fire escape plan.