Demolition Delay Ordinance

How it Works

This Historical Commission implements the Demolition Delay Ordinance. If a building older than 50 years is proposed for demolition, the Commission conducts a public hearing on the historic and architectural nature of the building to determine whether the Commission and the petitioner should pursue avenues to save the building.

Below you will find links to the Demolition Delay Ordinance, the Required Submissions Document and also the 2016 Historical Commission Meetings and Filing Schedule.

In order to be eligible to make the agenda for a meeting, you must have at least one copy of the required documents in the Conservation Office, by the close of business of the Filing Deadline set for the next month's meeting.

Please contact the Conservation Office once you have determined you will be filing documents for a review under the Demolition Delay Ordinance with any questions you may have.

View the Demolition Delay Ordinance (PDF)
View Information on the Required Documents for Demolition Review (PDF) 
View the 2016 Historical Commission Meetings and Filing Schedule (PDF)