Animal Control

Duties & Responsibilities

The Health Department manages the Animal Control Program for the Town of Watertown. Currently, there is one full-time Animal Control Officer (ACO) who responds to lost pets, injured animals, enforces the Watetown Animal Control Ordinance (PDF), the Keeping of Animals Regulation (PDF), and investigates cases of Animal Cruelty.

The ACO is also an Animal Inspector responsible for investigating animal bites and working with local veterinarians to determine an appropriate quarantine procedure to monitor or rule out any possible exposures to the rabies virus. Every year, the Health Department sponsors a rabies clinic for cats and dogs.

Report a Lost or Found Pet

Report any lost or found pets! Please contact the ACO to report any animal that you have lost or found. When reporting a lost or found animal, please be as specific as possible.

  • For a lost pet: Include a detailed description of the animal, the amount of time the animal has been missing, the circumstances surrounding the disappearance, and the last place where the animal was spotted. A picture of the animal is very helpful. It is best to send a picture and information to
  • For a found pet: Include a detailed description of the animal, the location where the animal was found or seen, contributing circumstances, where the animal is currently located, and if possible a digital picture of the animal.

I found a deceased animal, what do I do?

Deceased Animals on Public Property:

Call the Department of Public Works at 617-972-6420 with address to request a pick up of the animal.

Deceased Animals on Private Property:

1.Place the animal in a plastic bag and set the bag near the curb in the front of your residence. Wear gloves to prevent direct contact with the animal.

2.Call the Department of Public Works at 617-972-6420 to request a pick up the animal.

3.The dead animal can also be placed in your trash container.

Please also notify the Animal Control Officer if the animal is a domestic dog or cat. 617-972-6446 or

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