Demolition Requirements

Demolition Requirements from the Health Department

Provide a plan for the control, mitigation of on-site noise, odors, dust, asbestos, and rodent abatement to the Health Department.

  1. Asbestos Inspection and Removal - Provide an affidavit from a certified Asbestos Inspector stating that the asbestos has been removed in accordance with MA D.E.P. Regulations or no asbestos was present.
  2. Rodent Control Assessment and Mitigation Plans for Rodents / Pests reports including… but not limited to…
    • Type of bait / amount replaced
    • General Comments
    • Date / Time / Location
    • Conditions and Observations / Pest Activity
  1. Dust Mitigation Plan - Submit a letter indicating how to control the dust and particles from leaving the property.

* For ongoing Projects- Monthly rodent / pest control, including inspections on unoccupied property required while site is not in active use ie. vacant, construction has not commenced yet….

** Health Department has the right to request increase in pest control if deemed necessary due increased rodent activity to protect public health and safety.

Dust Control Form Fillable (PDF)