Medical Reserve Corps (MRC)

What is the Medical Reserve Corps (MRC)?

It is a group of volunteers that assist the community in responding to emergency situations and promote public health activities throughout the year. Volunteers may participate in a number of activities—from health fairs and flu clinics to emergency exercises and drills. In a real emergency, volunteers may be asked to assist with setting up mass vaccination clinics or emergency shelters and support public outreach.

Anyone can apply and a medical background is not required. The MRC will provide appropriate training if needed.

What does the MRC do?

State and local officials prepare for a range of emergencies, from hurricanes and blizzards to a flu pandemic and acts of terrorism, and the MRC works with local and regional groups to learn how to prepare personally and how to help their community during a disaster or emergency.

How can I be involved?
The MRC is always looking for volunteers! If you have any questions or are interested to learn more about this organization, please send an email or you can fill out our MRC Volunteer Application (PDF).

What is Region 4b MRC?
The Watertown MRC is a part of a larger Region 4b which is comprised of 27 communities that form a crescent around Boston. These communities have a combined population of over 1 million residents. The Cambridge Public Health Department, as the host agent for Region 4b, acts as the fiscal and administrative agent for Region 4b as well as coordinating the planning and response activities for the region. For a list of the 27 communities in our region please visit Region 4b website. Region 4b is also on Blogger, search “Massachusetts Region 4b Public Health Emergency Preparedness”, Facebook search “Massachusetts Region 4b Public Health Emergency Preparedness” and Twitter @MassRegion4b.

Other Resources
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